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Introducing The Accelerator, an annual live program designed to help you create and sell your online course, step-by-step. No more excuses.

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Now, let's be honest...

Launching a course requires time, focus, and MARKETING. It also requires you to get out of your head, stop overthinking it, and take action instead. 

That’s why we help you eliminate the guesswork, confusion, and procrastination (ahem, dressed as perfectionism) of creating and selling an online course with this proven blueprint based on the success of over 50,000 course creators using the Thinkific platform.

That means we've battle-tested this training for online business owners looking to diversify their offerings with learning products like courses and communities.

Inside The Accelerator:

  • 365 days of community and accountability 

  • 32+ hours of live coaching

  • The blueprint from 11 years of creator educator success

  • Unlimited revenue potential

Extra impact. Extra income.

It's the difference a year can make when you join The Accelerator program...

A proven Blueprint For Success

Get a proven blueprint, built from the successes of over 50,000 creator educators creating and selling online

Live teaching and on-demand courses

Live, weekly coaching and learning sessions and on-demand courses allow you to grow at your pace while providing year-round accountability

Community access

Join a community of like-minded creator educators and share your challenges, wins, and learnings together

Exclusive guest experts

Exclusive access to live guest experts and workshops throughout your time in the program

Discounts, rewards, and incentives

Exclusive Thinkific and partner incentives and rewards along your journey

Promotional opportunities

The Accelerator members who meet certain conditions can benefit from features on Thinkific marketing channels

Take a peek inside The Accelerator

A proven blueprint for success

The Course Creator Blueprint is a proven methodology for building, launching, and selling your first course in 4 steps

Step 1: Create Your Irresistible Offer

Do you have an idea for a course? Great! But how do you know if it will resonate with your audience and — crucially — actually sell?

Step 2: Create Your First Course Sales Page

Using our proven template, you’ll work on your first draft of the sales copy. Then we’ll share a quick and simple way to test that copy. 

Step 3: Pre Sell Your First Course

Even if you don’t consider yourself a “sales” kind of person, this course will give you the knowledge and confidence to build a winning sales plan. 

Step 4: Create Your First Course Curriculum And Content

You may know your topic, but how do you design a course curriculum in a way that helps your students learn? This blueprint covers best use cases for course creation. 

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Get access to:
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- Unlimited courses
- 1 Community
- 5 Spaces per community
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- 0% transaction fee
- Custom domain

Meet Your Instructors

An accelerator wouldn't be complete without an all-access-pass to experts in-the field of course creation and marketing. Where you can ask all your questions, gather all the feedback, and receive guidance and mentorship from not only us, but guest experts and your peers too. Genius, right?!

Tennile Cooper, Program Manager

A marketer by day & poet by night. Tennile brings 8+ years of helping companies shake up their brand and customer marketing to accelerate rapport and referrals.

Aaron Morin, Lead Educator

A familiar face you'll see in the course content. Aaron carries 8+ years of experience teaching and launching online courses that helped thousands of people get started creating and selling courses.

Creators get more value, ideas and confidence with us. That’s what they said…

"Hands down more valuable than courses that are three times it’s amount. If you are stuck or if you want to confirm your topic, price, curriculum, marketing, etc, this course is for you.”Krystle Myers, Founder Be Bossy LLC


The Accelerator program is built to support creator educators who
- are looking to build another revenue stream, a course business
- have an existing audience or client list
- have digital content readily available (ex: videos, blog posts, email campaigns)
- are looking for a proven path to follow and a community to grow with

If you don’t have an existing audience, email list, or customer base, or you’re looking for one-to-one coaching, this might not be the right program for you!

We love this question. Any Thinkific user on an annual plan has free access to The Accelerator. If you're on a monthly plan, you can purchase The Accelerator separately, or upgrade to annual for access.

Of course, don't worry about missing a week. We will record all the lessons (including special guests) and provide access to the replays so you can watch them over and over on your own time.

Absolutely NOT. You don’t need any fancy or expensive equipment. All you need is your smartphone or laptop.

From start to finish, create and sell your first course without the steep learning curve

Our first 8-week run of live sessions starts May 24, 2023. Don't miss out!

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