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    • "It wildly exceeded my expectations. I didn't know I needed this course."

      F. Persia Jamshidi

      F. Persia Jamshidi | ,Positive Masculinity Academy
      F. Persia JamshidiPositive Masculinity Academy
    • "1. Quality. 2. Empathy. 3. Personality. 4. Community 5. Content. 6. You came to me at the right time; hit all the right buttons. 7. Canadian."

      Mark Hawkins

      Mark Hawkins | ,Boomer Fresh
      Mark HawkinsBoomer Fresh
    • "This was an easy to follow and very informative course which answered many of my questions about course creation; the instructors were awesome as well!"

      Annie Booth

      Annie Booth | ,Blue Parrot Kids
      Annie BoothBlue Parrot Kids
    • "I am so grateful for this training. I have paid so much for other training... it's so nice to have help from the actual course platform!"

      Janice Wisneski

      Janice Wisneski | ,Health Coach Janice
      Janice WisneskiHealth Coach Janice
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