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In online learning, as in life, context is key.

Providing timely — context specific — reminders and resources to your students can drive engagement and completion rates for your courses.

Happier, more engaged, successful students means more potential for recommendations and repeat business.

…But tracking and following up with all your students can be time consuming, which is why we’re excited to share that it’s now easier to drive engagement at scale!

You can now use the app automation tool Zapier to automatically kick off events in the other apps you use to manage your online courses based on lesson completions by your students in Thinkific.

Need some ideas for how to get started? We’ve got you covered.

Send timely additional content

Complementary material is a great way to show the value of your course, and highlight your position as an expert in your field.

Let’s say you have a screenwriting course, and a student has just completed a chapter on dialogue. You might want to send them some examples of scripts with great dialogue to review.

Or, imagine you have a course on breaking down unconscious bias and a student has just completed a lesson on empathy. You could send a collection of blog posts with examples of how to continue challenging their own perspective.

Nurture your students

You can encourage student progress by firing messages based on lesson completion that prompt further action.

For example let’s say you know that a specific lesson in your course is particularly challenging. You can fire a message after a student completes that lesson to congratulate them, and encourage them to proceed to the next.

Context-specific messaging can help your course feel more personal, and automating that messaging with Zapier means that you can provide it at scale for your students.

Connect to popular communication tools

Connecting your communication tool (eg. CRM, Email marketing platform, etc) via Zapier will allow you to take advantage of the new “Lessons Completed” trigger (a trigger in Zapier is an event that kickstarts an automation). Here’s a few examples:

Thinkific connects to more than 1000 applications via Zapier, which means you can build automations between any of the apps you use to promote your course, message your students, and track their progress. We’d love to hear other things you’d like to try and/or are seeing success with.

No developer required

Intimidated by code? No worries! Zapier is a code-free interface, so you can easily automate your student experience without the need for a costly developer. Get started with some of the most popular Thinkific integrations (or create your own from scratch) »

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    Love this! So well written!

    Love this! So well written! Read more »
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      Thanks so much Poornima! 😀

      Thanks so much Poornima! :D Read more »