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Online Course Custom Fields

At Thinkific, we’re constantly coming up with new ways to improve our platform and your user experience. This month, we’re excited to announce that our newest feature is Custom Fields!

What are custom fields?

Custom fields are additional fields you can request in your sign up form to collect unique information about your users.

Why would I want to create custom fields?

  • You are no longer limited to merely name and email. Instead of having knowledge of the most basic information, you can ask for anything, such as phone, company, school, city, Twitter handle, or blog feed.
  • You can have an increased level of organization of your user management system. By segmenting users based on a certain category, you can tailor marketing or communication specifically for them. For example, if you’re hosting a meet-up in your city, you can choose to email a segment of your users who are located near you.

How do custom fields work?

  1. Create a custom field.
  2. Wait for someone to fill our your field.
  3. Get ready to learn details about your students.

For step-by-step instructions, visit our support page here.

I want to use custom fields!

  • If you’re a Thinkific user, you already have access! Head to your dashboard to try it out.
  • If you are not yet a Thinkific user, get Custom Fields (and all our other awesome features!) by creating an account on Thinkific