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Daniel J Lewis: Podcasting & Online Course Creation | Thinkific Teach Online TV

Thinkific CEO Greg Smith interviews podcasting expert Daniel J Lewis on the similarities between podcasting and online course creation.

When it comes to planning and creating content, podcast hosts and online course creators have a lot in common. In this video, podcasting expert Daniel J Lewis discusses the similarities between podcasting and online course creation. He shares some great tips on planning your content creation, choosing which topics to teach that are helpful for your target audience, and tips for recording and editing your content.

About Daniel J Lewis:

Daniel J Lewis is an award-winning podcaster who help others launch and improve their own podcasts. He’s created numerous training resources (like SEO for Podcasters) and podcasting tools (like My Podcast Reviews), offers one-on-one consulting and group training, is a keynote speaker on podcasting and social media, as well as the host of a network of award-nominated podcasts.

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To watch the interview, click on the video below:

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