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Meiko Temple is content creator, lifestyle personality, entrepreneur and digital marketer. She is also the author and photographer behind the blog Meiko And The Dish, where she shares new recipes, restaurant reviews, DIY projects and product reviews. Since 2016, when she launched the blog, she has been inspiring millennial women to embrace approachable, home-cooked comfort food.

Leveraging her interactive media skills, Meiko has managed to build a distinguishable brand and business, securing national brand partnerships, television appearances, food demonstrations, event curation and consulting opportunities. She is now focused on sharing her expertise to help others create original social motion and video content to stand out in the digital space and elevate their personal brands and businesses.

Meiko was raised in San Diego, California but currently resides in Dallas, Texas with her husband. She received her BS in Marketing from San Diego State University and her MBA from the University of Michigan. Her professional experience spans digital marketing, content creation, social media strategy, retail, and e-commerce.

We sat down with Meiko to hear more about the business of blogging and how you can use your side hustle to learn or develop the skills you need to advance professionally.

Watch the video below to learn Meiko’s strategies for turning your passion into passive income through a blog, how to develop visually appealing content to help you grow your audience, and why the most important part of your business is your mission statement.


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Learn more about Meiko at and follow her on Instagram @meikoandthedish.