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Successful course creators care deeply about student success.

That’s because successful students = successful course creators.

As a course creator there’s no greater driver for your business than creating successful students who are more likely to:

  • Take another course from you; and, more importantly
  • Share how valuable your course content was with their network, growing your audience with increasingly important word-of-mouth referrals.

As your trusted partner in online education, student success is built into Thinkific’s DNA.

…And we’re always looking for ways to improve Thinkific to help you more, based on the latest educational research, including:

The Power of Goal Setting

Research shows time and again, that setting and reviewing goals is a strong indicator of success.

Goal setting doesn’t have to mean an arduous process — you just need a couple of simple steps:

  1. Set your goal
  2. Make it visible
  3. Review it regularly

Knowing that goal setting can be a powerful motivator for course completion, we’re looking to build goals and reminders into Thinkific.

What we’re hoping to learn

The main thing we’re hoping to learn with the beta, is whether integrating goal setting into the course platform can help student success rates.

Based on the research we think that, properly executed, the ability to set and track goals should help keep students motivated, providing a better student experience.

Also, we’re hoping that giving course creators more visibility into what your students are looking to achieve will give you an opportunity to adjust your content and marketing to match.

Finally, we’re hoping to get a better idea of how consistent different students’ goals might be for a particular course. If students enter a course at different experience levels, their navigation through it, might not be linear, and they might not want it to be, which could affect how we handle student progress tracking (and goal setting) going forward.

We’ve started with a beta and we’ll share the outcomes with you once we have more data. 😀