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Learn how boost your course with strategic partnerships, even if you are starting with no tribe, no list, and no marketing budget. 

Are you looking for more ways to help you sell your online courses?

Today we’re going to talk about how to sell your online course through joint ventures. Leverage joint venture connections are a great way to help your online course business thrive and grow, multiplying the efforts you could achieve alone.

Watch our free video below with founder of JVology, Jay Fiset, to learn how you can increase your online course sales through the help of  joint venture communities.

Make The Right Strategic Decision

Not participating in joint ventures is costing you an absolute fortune. Without them, your reach is less than it could be. Participating in joint ventures has the ability to multiply the impact of your marketing efforts.

When it comes down to selling online courses and getting them out into the world, there is a strategic decision that needs to be made from the get-go. Are we going to go off on our own and market our product independently, paying for all of the advertising and media costs ourselves? Or are we going to actually position, build, and create a process that makes our courses and content incredibly attractive to other people, allowing us to serve and support their communities as well?

The decision is either to do everything on your own (the hard way), or to set yourself up with join ventures (the easy way!).

What Is A Joint Venture?

The most difficult thing about courses is not building the course. It is reaching your ideal market, selling the course, and creating a great income. Joint ventures will help you get there faster. In its most mechanical form, joint ventures are like affiliate marketing, which is sharing links to other people’s content within your own business’ media. If we take it a step further, there’s also what we call strategic partnerships.

A strategic partnership would be where two companies embed content in one another’s programs. For example, Thinkific and Jvology could have a strategic partnership where they literally embed one another’s content and concept in live events, digital programs, summits, etc. Joint ventures are powerful both online and offline, but it’s important to note that joint ventures are not just an online mechanism. There are a multitude of ways to do joint ventures, including things like sponsorship, public speaking, seminar hosting, embedding content, doing webinars, Facebook Lives, and more!

How Joint Ventures Help You Sell

When trying to sell online courses without joint ventures, creators are forced to focus on one new potential student/lead at a time. If online course creators instead focused on finding one new joint venture partner at a time, their success rate for sales would dramatically increase.

This is because each joint venture partner that a content creator acquires will be helping them gain new clients. That joint venture partner, when set up properly, will send client after client to the course creator. Take this strategy even further by organizing meetups with multiple potential joint venture partners, and your potential client numbers will continue to rise exponentially!

You also don’t need to worry about setting up these new sales funnels, because that will already be done for you since your joint venture partner already has their own content. All you need to do is provide a fresh perspective and snippet of your own content for them to profit from as well. Don’t be afraid to take the leap. If you have intellectual property (ie. online courses) then joint ventures are a great strategy to help you grow your business. Even if you are just starting out as an online course creator, it is never too early to look for new partnership opportunities.

3 Key Elements of the Joint Venture Mindset

When taking the leap into the world of joint ventures, it is critical to have the mindset of truly serving, supporting and connecting with your partners. This partnership is a relationship, not just a transaction, and it needs to be handled with care. There are three key elements of the joint venture mindset, which are: a foundation of abundance, focusing on the client’s needs, and interdependence.


First and foremost, come from a foundation of abundance. Meaning that there’s more than enough for everyone. You need to be willing to lead, share, and contribute. Set aside all fear of competition, because there is more than enough to go around.

Client needs

The next key element is focusing on clients’ needs, because joint ventures are not about just getting a sale. Find out what your client genuinely needs, and how you can get it for them.


Finally, have a mentality of interdependence. As entrepreneurs it can be easy to slip into the competitive mindset of being the best and not needing help from others, but your success will drastically increase with the help of other like minded entrepreneurs! Participating in a joint venture is one of the best ways to gain access to resources that you might not have access to.

Win, Win, Win

When all of these pieces come together, it boils down to what Jay calls “win, win, win” joint ventures. It’s a win for the client, for our joint venture partner, and for you. When you embody the joint venture mindset, it will always result in this triple win.

When joint ventures fall apart, it is because the mindset hasn’t been adopted, and one of these things has gone wrong. It could be that the clients’ needs weren’t taken into consideration, the partners were being too needy, or that there wasn’t an experience of abundance. A common one is the interdependence element being off – if the joint venture partners aren’t leaning on one another’s greatest strengths to actually work together, everything will fall apart.

If you integrate and embody the three steps mentioned above, you’ll have no difficulty selling your course through joint ventures!

Gain access to the JVology Joint Venture Checklist, which will walk you through the perfect Joint Venture strategy, step-by-step by using the link found in the video! There are also many other goodies hidden inside Jay Fiset’s talk, so make sure to watch.

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