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As a social influencer, you face a lot of competition when it comes to monetizing your brand. 

With more influencers crowding the marketplace, well-paying brand deals are fewer and far between.

On top of that, increased distrust towards influencers and changing tastes around content aesthetic have made the influencer gig, well, hard. 

So what do you do if you’ve built up a following as a lifestyle influencer, but need to find a new way to monetize your audience?

Many influencers are turning to online courses. Mimi Bouchard, a lifestyle and wellness influencer is a testament to the power of online courses for her business. Mimi runs an online magazine, MIMIBEE, along with her YouTube channel. She recently launched courses on Thinkific, earning $70K in a matter of weeks. 

Watch the video below to hear how Mimi built and launched her online course to monetize her YouTube and blog following: 

Why Online Courses

After working in television, Mimi was looking for a new opportunity to earn income. Initially, she relied on brand deals on Instagram to get by, but was constantly wondering where and when her next deal would come from. 

Looking for more consistency, Mimi entertained the idea of selling products before coming across courses. Realizing that courses were cheaper and quicker to create, she started creating her own course. 

“I’ve never had so much control and power over my income. Most importantly, I’ve never felt more connected to my audience than I do now. I have such an incredible group of women following me, and have seen my community grow since launching my courses on Thinkific,” she shared.

Within the past six months, Mimi launched three courses on Thinkific, on wellness, personal development, and lifestyle topics. Within two weeks, she made close to $70,000.

To hear the strategies Mimi used to create, market and sell her online course, watch the video above!

Connect with Mimi at and on YouTube.

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