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At Thinkific, we always try to improve your user experience by improving our platform. Today we’re announcing multi-language options for your site.

How do I support multiple student languages with one site?

If you’d like to support students with multiple languages, you can with a single Thinkific site, by enabling students to choose their own language. This will allow your students to select a language that best suits them, and the key site messages (buttons, menus, etc – everything other than content you’ve created) will appear in their language of choice.

Step 1:
To enable this feature, you’ll need to go to your Basic Settings tab, and click to “Allow students to override their site language.”


Step 2:
When you do this, students will have the option to choose from any of the languages we support, and can change the language of the site at any time from their logged in, student profile view.

How do I change the language of my site?

You can change the language of your Thinkific site from your admin dashboard under Basic Settings > Site language.

Simply select your chosen language from the dropdown list and hit Save Changes – all of the student-facing areas of your site will now be in that language!




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Honer Zawita
Honer Zawita

If I cannot find the language that I want, such as Arabic or Kurdish, What should I do?


Hey Honer! Thanks for the question! We work with our customers to make sure any language support you need is available to you. If you’re not finding a language offered, you can write in to requesting it. We’d love to hear from you about this! You can modify different… Read more »


In which languages is Thinkific available? I would love to start my online e-coure, but it has to be in Dutch. Thank you


Hey Lonneke!

Dutch is supported!

We also support other languages and are adding new languages all the time. You can even let your students choose to view the course site in their own language.


Hello Aaron,

thanks! That is awesome!


Hi Aaron, is it possible to use video / upload video / use YouTube videos? And how does that work out with other languages? Is subtitles a possiblity?

Thanks again.


Hello, I am interested in setting two different languages in the same course and site. I set up the “Allow students to override the site language”, is enough with that? Right now I am starting to set up everything in Spanish, if I save it, then switch it to English,… Read more »

Heather McCosker-Howard
Heather McCosker-Howard

Am I able to have students submit work and then translate that work from say Chinese to English