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Hello Thinkific fans! We’ve been rolling out some great new features here at Thinkific HQ, and wanted to share a few of the recent updates with you.

We’re constantly working behind the scenes to make Thinkific even more amazing, with lots of fun stuff in the works. Have fun exploring!

Upload and lay out your entire video course in one step

New Feature: Bulk Video Uploader & Quick Edit. This is a big one! Instructors with video courses can now bulk upload and edit their entire course in one step. Simply create your new course, then click on “Quick Edit” in the top left once in the course editor. Drag in all of your files, and while they’re uploading you can name your lessons and chapters and move things around, all on the same screen. Be ready for launch in no time flat! Details here.

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Shiny new options for text-based content creation

New Feature: Updated Text Content Styling. Many of our instructors are creating courses using multiple content types – Videos, PDFs, Quizzes and Surveys, the list goes on! We’ve now updated our Text content type to make it more robust, both for creating content right in the tool and for pasting in content from other sources. Authors can now author text content right in the system and apply basic styles without ever having to touch the HTML view (which is still there for our power users, of course).

Data exports now available

New Feature: Survey & Quiz Exporter. Survey and Quiz data in the system can now be easily exported. Wahoo! Quiz data is great to track student progress and see exactly which areas students are struggling with, and the export feature makes surveys more robust. Find the new exporter in your dashboard under Reporting -> Quizzes and Surveys. Instructions are up here. 

Social discussion forums added

New Feature: Disqus. We heard you! We’ve integrated with the Disqus social commenting platform to give you more control over discussions for your classes. Disqus offers social logins, moderation and notifications, and robust commenting features such as image support.
Learn more about using Disqus for your school here

Native PDF content support added

New Feature: PDFs. eBook authors rejoice! Native PDF support means that PDF files can now be added as course content directly from within your editing dashboard, and viewed by students right in the browser (rather than as download only). Turn your existing PDFs into lessons as part of your new dynamic course. Details on the Knowledge Base.