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Watch as CEO Greg Smith and Thinkific team members speak about the latest features introduced in the Thinkific platform.

Happy 2022 and wishing everyone a safe and prosperous new year!

Last quarter, we began a video series to provide regular updates on what we’re doing at Thinkific to help your online business grow wildly successful. So we’re back with a video highlighting new product features we launched at the end of 2021. 

We’re all about helping you succeed in your vision of creating an outstanding learning experience worth paying for and growing your business to make a meaningful impact on society. Over the last quarter, our efforts focused on:

  • Creating engaging learning products that you can easily sell and connect with your students
  • Developing in-platform and integrated selling tools that make it easier for you to focus on selling and scaling your business 

Specifically, here are some recent feature updates we rolled out within our platform:

1. Thinkific Payments

We released Thinkific Payments to bring more payment and selling tools in-house, giving you the ability to drive more sales without having to manage different tools or pay for third-party integrations. Now, your day-to-day is simplified with native payment processors and selling tools that meet the unique sales and marketing needs of course creators, like you. 

Here are some of the selling tools available today:

  • Performance Checkout, a brand-new single-page checkout that is faster and reduces customer drop-off. This allows your customers to pay first and then set up their account. For your returning customers, the experience is even smoother because their credit card details auto-populate, saving them from extra typing or the need to grab their wallet. Available to all creators in February 2022.
  • Order Bumps, a tool that suggests complementary products to your customers, just before they check out. This selling tool alone has helped creators increase average order value by 33% and drive more sales from each transaction.

2. Community profile & mentions

The Community can keep students engaged and foster connections with like-minded peers. We recently introduced the ability for your students to create a personalized profile and @mention other community members in response to a post, or to directly communicate with one another. 

We introduced Profiles to create a safe and transparent space where your students can get to know each other and create genuine connections inside a learning community. You maintain control of the Community and its data with privacy as a priority, free of distractions like algorithmic ads, so that content can be shared freely and purposefully in the spirit of education.

3. App store

We partner with developers around the world through the Thinkific App Store that course creators can leverage to help build, sell, and deliver online courses. With apps, you can design an experience that is unique to your needs, whether it is to improve the learning experience, student engagement, or track analytics on your site. These are just a few of our most recent apps to hit the Thinkific App Store:

  • Bonjoro makes it easy to film and create personalized videos that get sent right to your students’ emails.
  • ThingLink creates an immersive learning experience with interactive multimedia lessons like 360 tours, realistic modeling, and rendering of 3D objects that help students engage with your learning material more meaningfully.
  • DialogForm simulates the two-way teacher-learner interaction by embedding a chatbot-style lesson into your course player directly. Students can experience learning content that feels natural and engaging.

That’s all for now, but we’ll be back soon to share more updates throughout the year, so check back often! 

We’re so excited to see how you can take advantage of these new features and more to accelerate the success and growth of your business.

If you missed our last feature update, you can read all about it in this blog. Not sure if Thinkific is the right tool for you? Try out our free plan and check out the features page to see how Thinkific can help!