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Hi there, Carina here from Thinkific. There is strength in numbers. And for good reason! We all need each other to thrive. These are tough times we’re living in, so I thought today we could talk about the beauty of having each other’s backs.

Your students need to feel supported in order to become the best version of themselves. This way they’ll be generally happier and motivated to succeed in their goals—and of course, the added bonus to take more of your courses 😉

7 Top Challenges with Online Learning for Students (and Solutions)

Your student hasn’t talked to anyone in days. They’re finding it hard to get out of bed in the mornings. They don’t have anyone to connect or relate to. They immediately find themselves scrolling through social media for hours, rubbing the bags under their eyes, unable to get started. They feel frozen in time, and every task feels unbearable. Your program feels overwhelming so they stop trying.

These are the battles that online learning unfortunately brings, but hey! I think I’ve found a couple answers to help your students out. Help them when they need it most, at just the right time!

Learn how to solve your students’ problems


We All Could Use a Sense of Belonging These Days…

As challenging as online learning can be in this day and age, I think we can agree that it has WAY more positives than negatives. I mean, that’s why you’re here, right? 😉 Nothing can compare with that freedom that students have to consume content on their own time and terms.

Maybe you want to put a course up quickly before your mind has time to overthink it. Do you even have enough content or time? Yes, for both! Community > curriculum all the way.

You know that saying where a friend comes to you with their problems, and instead you try to give them a million solutions, but they only wanted to vent? Sometimes people just need a place to be listened to and feel heard. Help your students feel safe with a community that listens, learns, and validates. And just watch your course engagement and retention soar off the charts 🙂

Help your students feel connected to each other