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Hi there, Carina here from Thinkific. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think coffee will ever go out of style. No matter how many new ways there are to blend it in ice cream, frappuccinos, lattes and cold foams, chocolate bars, coffee cakes, the list goes on— people will always appreciate a simple cup of coffee. (Craving coffee? Me too, let’s go brew some, I’ll wait….)

But as you know, the digital world is always spinning by the second. It’s easy to feel like everyone else is moving straight past you with all the flashy new trends. Video is top of mind for everyone at the moment (and for good reason). But how about some good ole’ blogs, is blogging still relevant? Do people still…read? Writing up an in-depth blog is still a HUGELY effective content marketing strategy to sell your course and business products.

So, whether you have a blog and are looking to increase traffic for sales, or still in the weeds of monetizing it, today’s newsletter is for you! After all, a cup of simple coffee is never boring 🙂

How to Increase Website Traffic (41 Ways)

You’re always looking for ways to increase your blog traffic, because that’s where the money is! But it’s impossible to go after every possible traffic channel (you’ll tire yourself out keeping up with all the social media algorithms alone!). I’ve put a list together for you to help you pick and choose which strategies better connect with your brand and audience.

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Success Story: How Elizabeth Rider Increased Her Reach and Monetized Her Blog Using Online Courses

Elizabeth started her blog 9 years ago. She actually didn’t start it in mind to turn into a business (as a creator, I can bet most of you can relate!), but her readers grew wildly, and she realized it was a good time to monetize.

She took Marie Forleo’s B-School program, and started coaching clients 1-1 on her blog. She realized she wasn’t getting paid enough, and didn’t have time to serve everyone she ever wanted. So just like that, she took everything she learned from her clients and turned it into a course.

Learn Elizabeth’s marketing strategies


Does Blogging Still Work?

Did you ever have that moment in school when you were trying to learn something your teacher was reading out loud, but couldn’t seem to get it to stick? Maybe you are a visual learner who needs to see text in order to understand concepts, and the teacher only focused on auditory learning. Or vice versa! At the end of the lesson, you heard the material, but couldn’t actually retain it back if asked.

In reality, we all learn in different ways. So even if the hype of content marketing is short-form videos, it’s important to acknowledge that some people prefer to read. It’s how they learn!

The beauty of it is, you get to decide how you want to serve your audience based on what they may need from you. So, to help you out with figuring out if blogging is the missing piece, I wanted to share some expert insight with Mike Allton, an award-winning blogger and head of partnerships at Agorapulse.

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