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Hi there, Carina here from Thinkific. A lot of people tend to think things just happen, right? Like it’s a stroke of luck that you got all those clients, sold all those digital products, and achieved great engagement on social media. But they tend to forget all the failures behind the scenes. For every viral piece of content there are a hundred posts that go nowhere. It’s all about the hard work (amen right?).

Today, let’s conquer the world and the strategy behind YouTube growth. Because it’s not about luck, but the resilience to try again. And again, and again…and again. 🙂

Get your YouTube Content Noticed and Grow your Viewers

YouTube is a beast. But it’s not a code that can’t be cracked. As much as you have to please the mysterious YouTube algorithm to get views, there are tried-and-tested strategies to grow your audience as a creator and actually get your content noticed!

Maybe you gave up on your channel after a while because you weren’t getting the results you were hoping for. Maybe it seems too daunting to even start a channel.

But take it from Erin Winters White, a content strategist and business coach with 300k subscribers. She breaks down everything you need to know to succeed on YouTube, from searchable titles to click-worthy thumbnails, to storytelling techniques. Video isn’t going anywhere, it’s a good idea to represent your brand and build audience connections :). And of course, it’s never too late to get started (or get back up!).

Learn how to take your content to the next level


Key Pillars & Strategies to Grow Your YouTube Channel

New creators spend months, even years, trying to grow on YouTube but never make significant progress. What are they missing? Hint: a strategy. Your strategy will act as the foundation to structure your content instead of just winging it (because we’re all about saving time and fast-tracking your success!).

But how exactly do you go about creating valuable content (how do you even distinguish what is valuable for people?) or approach the age-old debate of quality vs quantity? Sounds overwhelming, but I wanted to share this guide with you in hopes it will break things down and ease your mind. Speaking of mind, remember mindset is EVERYTHING. YouTube is a marathon, not a sprint. Happy running—I’m right there with ya!! 🙂

Learn the 9 strategies that will actually grow your YouTube