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Hi there, Carina here from Thinkific. Are you valuing yourself? No really! You work hard and deserve to monetize your time at a fair rate. Don’t forget that people will pay for your expertise, experience, skillset, and audience!

In today’s newsletter, I thought I’d share a few revenue streams to support your online course (without undercharging! The undercharging has got to stop, promise?). This can help you increase your revenue, fast-track your dream business, and expand your offering! The moon’s the limit, so let’s soar!

Boost Course Sales with Brand Partnerships

It can feel uncomfortable to pitch yourself to brands. I get it – it’s tough to toot your own horn. What if they don’t think you’re worth the investment? Well, let me tell you something: you are (and you’re under-charging). Brand partnerships are here to STAY! It’s time to campaign for yourself.

…But how do you actually go about getting that sponsorship that pays $$$$? What strategy should you use? Not enough people talk about this, but expert Justin Moore unpacks it all for you right here!

Learn to negotiate your dream brand deal


Scaling as a Business with a Mission

Scaling is no easy feat (phew, I’m breathless just thinking about it). Here’s a powerhouse of an inspiring creator story who nails it. Ka Hale Hoaka brings the Indigenous language, Hawaii’s language — Ōlelo Hawai’i — back into modern society through teaching Hawaiian wisdom and culture. They do this to inspire better stewards, community members, and people in general.

But at first, selling courses to people individually took forever. Learn what they did for a faster ROI, how they strategized evergreen courses for their business, and how to scale without burnout.

Discover Ka Hale Hoaka’s strategies for faster ROI