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Hi there, Carina here from Thinkific. Today I’m going to push you to take a page out of Apple’s book to THINK DIFFERENT-ly about your sales process. I know how much of a pain selling can be for you. Our research shows it’s actually the single biggest challenge creators face—phew, you’re not alone!

Keep reading, it doesn’t have to be that way :). Stick with me skeptics: after today’s newsletter, you’ll fall in love with selling, and maybe even look forward to it (told you I’d push ya).

The Best Teachers Are the Best Sellers (They Just Don’t Know It Yet)

You’re in the course creation journey to make a difference. To help people learn something that will change their lives. To make a living doing what you love—which definitely does not include the “S” word: selling (did you get shivers down your back?). Selling can feel uncomfortable and unnatural, and you might feel like you’re cringe-y at it (I know I do).

What if I told you that you don’t actually need to sell more but teach more (now we’re getting somewhere!). Anytime people learn anything, they go through a transformation. You can teach that transformation and get people excited about it. So how is teaching that powerful, and how can you start selling through teaching?

Learn how to market transformations!


Grow Your Course Sales 10x with YouTube

YouTube has 2.3 billion active users worldwide. So there’s a pretty high chance your customers are out there. But how exactly can you up your storytelling game to help guide more transformations and sales? It doesn’t get more personal than video. 

70% of viewers use YouTube to help solve a problem. You can use this to your advantage (that and your magnetic personality and charm), to attract your ideal customers. How does your course solve their problems?  What goals do you help them reach? (It’s back to that transformation idea!). 

Sean Cannell, an online video expert, will coach you through a simple 3-step strategy to increase course sales.

Discover how to 10x your revenue