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Hi there, Carina here from Thinkific. I have a very soft spot for YouTubers. As a YouTube creator myself, I know exactly how painful the process can be. You’re playing the role of writer, content strategist, producer, videographer, director, film editor, keyword researcher, marketer, social media specialist, AND copywriter. (I’m exhausted just listing it all!)

You’re producing a whole network show, and then people have the nerve to think it’s not work or that anyone can do it? PLEASE! You deserve to be compensated for your blood, sweat, and tears.

Today, I thought I’d focus on just that: making money as a creator. Your content matters, don’t give up now! Your courses and your YouTube channel don’t have to be separate strategies — you can use one to attract more of your audience to the other! Hope this can help motivate you and save a bit of time, so you can get back to creating inspiring content.

How to Sell Courses on YouTube

You’re already providing a ton of value on your YouTube channel. Now it’s time to 1000x that value by selling a course to your audience. But you don’t want to feel sales-y like a lot of YouTubers tend to be. You care about the relationship with your audience (they’re your best friends!) and you don’t want to jeopardize that trust.

So how do you approach selling your course? Staying true to your brand and creating content that reflects that is key. Remember, you’re not being disingenuous for promoting the very thing that can change so many people’s lives! 

Build a business model around your content

How Much $$$ Do You Get Per View on YouTube? (2022 Stats)

Maybe you’ve never considered making YouTube videos. Maybe it’s something that you’ve always wanted to dabble in, but were too busy, too shy, or never quite figured out how making money on YouTube works. You have a course, you have a business, do you really need YouTube? (Hint: the answer for most people looking to attract more clients is YES.)

People will fall in love with your free content, and be more likely to follow you wherever you go (AKA they’ll buy any more digital products you make!).

Not only that, but it can keep you top of mind as a leader and change-maker in your industry. You can get paid with YouTube ads, create deep connections with your audience, and sell your course. I thought I’d share how much money you can possibly make through YouTube ads, in case you’re curious about taking that plunge.

Make more money on YouTube


What the Experts Are Saying

At this point, you’ve heard the term “thought leader” so many times it’s lost all meaning. (Also, is it me or does it sound kind of creepy? “I am your thought leader, I control your brain!”)

But why is it important? (Not the brain controlling, just wanted to clarify…)

The short answer is: people are going to trust you the more they recognize you. As a YouTuber, this is critical. As more people see your face on their living room screens, the more they’ll value everything you have to offer as a business. It’s the same reason we love Starbucks (try finding a corner on this earth that doesn’t have Starbucks…) You’re already an expert — now here’s your chance to make a dent in the industry.

Become an industry thought leader