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Hi there, Carina here from Thinkific. I find myself dreaming a lot. What can I start doing today to get me one step closer to my dream life? You too?

Dear creator: I see you working hard and wrestling sleepless nights for your business. You’re always looking for ways to move one step closer to yet another big breakthrough.

Let me dust off my trusty ladder and help you fast-track your next big win. And while you’re climbing higher and higher, don’t forget that you’re already a success story 🙂 

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How to Generate Leads with Content Marketing

Content creation is flippin’ hard. There’s nothing worse than spending days or even weeks filming videos, writing blog posts, posting on social media (basically being a whole one-person production show)…..and getting low engagement. Zero clients. No support.

And here’s the kicker:  some people think it’s easy?!

In fact, some creators MAKE it look that way because of how good they are at what they do. To help make things easier for you, here are some top optimization, promotion, and content marketing tips to get your business leads and conversions quicker. So get camera-ready again, it won’t be long until you get your own Netflix show 😉

Get more clients with a content strategy

The 4 Part Sales Copy Framework 

Maybe you weren’t born to be a writer and marketer. But here’s a secret, your clients won’t know that. 🤭Why? Because you can templatize! (Is that a real word? Pretty sure I just made that up right now…) Templates and frameworks are one of the greatest joys in life, if not the greatest. They basically cut your work in half, and give you a head start. Especially when you have no idea what you’re doing.

I KNOW this week is a crazy busy week for you. You don’t have to spend months researching copywriting tips or even have any experience to begin with. In the spirit of less work, here’s a simple copywriting framework Neil Patel’s team uses to make over $6,000,000 in course sales.

The copywriting framework you won’t find anywhere else

Success Story: Kat Norton aka Miss Excel

It all started with TikTok…yes that’s right! Scrap everything that you’ve ever heard about TikTok (I mean it!) and learn all about how Kat accidentally went viral—even though she had no idea what she was doing.  

Your goal doesn’t have to be a 6-figure business unless you want it to be.  Success means different things for different people. Making a $100 or $1000? That is incredible! Don’t let numbers get you down, it’s a journey!

But it’s so inspiring to see how a little creativity can completely change someone’s life. Someone so normal like you and me. I’m a sucker for behind-the-scenes success stories, so I thought I’d share in case it inspires you 🙂

How ‘Miss Excel’ Launched A Six Figure Online Course Business On TikTok


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