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We all like presents, and we’ve been been busy working on yours. A whole pile of new features for your Thinkific online courses!

We’ve been introducing new features like crazy, and wanted to let you know some of some of the goodies you’ll find when you next log in to your Thinkific online school.

Gorgeous new color scheme for your courses
New feature: white/black course theme options

This one is my favourite! Dark backgrounds are super sexy for video, but with more and more courses being designed with text, this change makes your courses sleek, bright white, and BEAUTIFUL. New courses will default to the white palette, and any course can be switched between the black and white themes in the course details tab.

To view, create a new course or edit details for one of your courses, and click the “preview” button in the upper right hand corner to check it out. Details here >>


Organize Courses by Category
New feature: categories

Another frequently requested feature! Schools with lots of courses will be thrilled to know that the course category option is now available. Create and edit categories within your dashboard, allowing visitors to select and view specific groups of courses rather than just the entire list. Details here >>


Add Downloads & Audio Content to Courses
New feature: download & audio content types

Instructors who want to make handouts and other files of any type available to students can now include downloadable files directly in courses. Instructors who use audio can now create lessons entirely from audio files.

When creating a course, you can now select “downloads” or “audio” as a content type (along with video, PDF, multimedia, quizzes, surveys, disqus, and text), and you can upload file resources for students to access directly (or play, in the case of audio) from within the course.


Advanced integrations: SSO &
New advanced features for our power & enterprise users

Single Sign On (SSO) allows developers to pass user authentication to our system, allowing website users access to Thinkific without requiring separate login credentials.

Get in touch if you’re interested in using this feature for your school! allows users to integrate with over 100 analytics, marketing, sales, and support tools for nearly unlimited ways to maximize use of your data.

Find in the integrations panel of your dashboard.