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Welcome to Think in Color Summit presented by Thinkific and XayLi Barclay! In this series, we’ll cover how to grow your business using online courses, create a lasting impact, and thrive in any space you occupy!

Kalilah Wright was born in Jamaica and migrated to Brooklyn, NY in the United States when she was only 4 years old. She is the Founder and CEO of expressive apparel brand Mess in a Bottle which features t-shirts with conversation starting messages that are packaged in reusable bottles. 

As an accomplished designer and trained architect, Kalilah established the celebrity supported Mess in a Bottle brand to evoke change, question her audience and allow individuals wearing their messages to be vocal without saying anything at all. 

In addition to her successful clothing business, Kalilah created The Tee Class. Through her online courses, she teaches other up and coming entrepreneurs how to build a thriving T-Shirt business and stand out in a crowded space.

We sat down with Kalilah to discuss how she built her successful business while overcoming incredible obstacles and why selling t-shirts and online courses is a perfect fit for her business model.

Watch the video below to learn Kalilah’s strategies to differentiate yourself in a crowded space, the importance of having passive income and why you need to focus on building a solid foundation for your business early.


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Facebook: MESS in a bottle