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Welcome to Think in Color Summit presented by Thinkific and XayLi Barclay! In this series, we’ll cover how to grow your business using online courses, create a lasting impact, and thrive in any space you occupy! View all available interviews here.

Tript Johal is the co-founder of Buzzing Creatives, where creative minds learn the power of social media for their business. Her passion for teaching led her to create online courses where she teaches social media strategy. Tript quickly found that her online courses enable her to build and grow an inclusive community beyond what she ever could have imagined.

Tript is passionate about empowering women of all backgrounds, colours, and languages to feel confident in themselves and live holistic lifestyles because she knows first-hand how those who are marginalized can struggle to feel seen and heard. Her aim is to create a community for minority women to grow their business online and build authentic, supportive relationships that allow them to live the lifestyle they desire.

We sat down with Tript Johal to learn why she believes Pinterest is the most commonly overlooked marketing tool for a creative entrepreneur and how it can be used to establish passive traffic and income while saving significant money and time.

Watch the video below to learn Tript’s best practices for Pinterest marketing, how you can successfully establish a presence on Pinterest and why online courses are a powerful tool to create an inclusive space and empower your audience.


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