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Today we’re announcing another new feature! User Segmentation is part of our ongoing effort to give you more control and visibility into your student data.

What is segmentation?

Segmentation is a tool that can help you divide your user base into groups of individuals that fit into specific categories. Segmentation is simple and easy to use, but when paired with other search filters, it can serve several powerful functions.

Why would I want to use segmentation?

  • Ease of use: It can be hard to remember out of a massive list of students which users have yet to complete a specific course or have made a purchase. Instead of manually clicking through names one by one, segmentation allows you to do a search to effortlessly determine who those users are.
  • Action-oriented: Segmentation allows you to identify specific users by combining multiple filters to narrow down your search. For example, I can combine “Enrolled in: [course name]” with “Has not completed: [course name].” As a result, I’ve learned that three students have not completed a course they were enrolled in. At this point, I could choose to send them a reminder email to touch base with their progress.
  • Targeted marketing: With knowledge of the personal needs, interests, and priorities of your students, you can design your marketing and communication to suit what they are looking for. For example, those who are enrolled in a free trial should receive different promotions than those who have paid enrollment. By defining your customers’ individual needs, you can support them in achieving their individual goals.

How can I take advantage of Segmentation and Mass User Email?

Here are some examples of ways you might segment your users and reach out to them:

  • Distribute coupons for your course to a specific audience, and then segment your new students to see who signed up using that coupon code and contact them with a targeted message.
  • Segment users who signed up for a free trial, but didn’t purchase the full course following their trial.
  • Contact students who didn’t complete a course, and haven’t logged in since a certain date.
  • When you update a course with new content, let students who purchased a course before know that their course has been updated.
  • Contact all users who signed up from the same company email domain.
  • View all students who have made purchases – this group is the most likely to buy again in the future!
  • Notify affiliates of changes to your program that will help them promote your courses.

How does segmentation work?

  1. Open your users list
  2. Apply a search filter
  3. Order your search results

That’s it! You can then export your segmented list, or for our upgraded plans, email them directly through Thinkific.

For step-by-step instructions, visit our support page here.

I want to use segmentation!

  • If you’re a Thinkific user, you already have access! Head to your dashboard to try it out.
  • If you are not yet a Thinkific user, get Segmentation (and all our other awesome features!) by creating an account on Thinkific!