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Learn how to grow your audience, engage with your followers, and sell more online courses using Instagram stories that attract your ideal customers.

Are you looking for more ways to help you sell your online courses? In today’s training, you will learn how to use Instagram stories to attract more customers to your online courses.

Watch our free video with Brandon Wilson (aka Bimma) from Grams to Grands below to learn how he generated $2,000 in online course sales in 3 days from just 1 Instagram story.a.

Why you should be using Instagram stories

A lot of online course creators have relied on Instagram to build their audience and attract loyal followers for their business. In case you haven’t started using Instagram stories yet, here are some quick facts about Instagram stories that should help to convince you to start using them more often:

  • Over 400 million users interact with Instagram stories on a daily basis
  • Instagram stories have more organic reach than posts
  • 70% of Instagram stories are watched with the sound on

Even if you’ve decided to focus on Instagram as your primary social media channel, knowing exactly what to do to grow your Instagram account can be overwhelming.

Fortunately, Brandon has identified 3 specific keys to creating engaging Instagram stories that attract paying clients. In fact, by adhering to these keys, Brandon was able to generate $2,000 in online course sales over a 3-day period from a single Instagram story. Not bad!

3 keys to creating successful content for Instagram stories:

1. Your big facts are your advantage

The first key to creating Instagram stories that attract your ideal clients is to realize that you are your biggest advantage. There is no need to try to copy others. Authenticity is a winning strategy on all social media platforms.

Every individual is unique and possesses a unique combination of “big facts”. Weaving your big facts into your Instagram stories will help you to stand out from others and attract followers that resonate with you.

Your passions: the areas in which have exceptional expertise, talents, and abilities.

Your discoveries: the knowledge you’ve acquired from the struggles you’ve overcome and the actions you’ve taken throughout your life.

Your claims: the achievements that give you the credibility to teach others how to do what you’ve done.

2. Attract premium clients with journey content

If you’re not attracting clients from your Instagram account, you’re likely posting lifestyle content or content that does not resonate with your ideal clients. In doing so, you end up attracting the wrong followers, or no new followers at all. To solve this problem, you need to share content that speaks to the target audience that you’ve identified as most likely to be interested in your online course.

To correct attract the right type of followers on Instagram, start sharing what Brandon calls journey content.

Journey content is content that:

  • Moves your audience from point A to point B
  • Fixes a pain point
  • Acknowledges a purpose
  • Includes a call to action

Sharing journey content will help you attract more followers, increase your engagement with those followers, and ultimately, attract more students for your online course.

3. Engagement within stories that converts

Lastly, never assume that your followers will naturally engage with your content. Use your Instagram stories to engage with your followers and ask for engagement. Give them something to do.

If you don’t give your followers something to do in your Instagram stories (such as respond to a poll, send you a direct message, or click on a specific link), the chances of converting your followers into paying clients are slim.

Don’t treat Instagram as a one-way conversation. Interacting with your followers and inviting them to check out your online course is the key to boosting your sales.

Want even more strategies for getting started creating your own online course? Download the free Thinkific guide to creating and selling online courses!