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Thinkific is part of a global community that is grappling with the Coronavirus public health threat and bracing for potential disruptions to come. 

It’s always been important to us to contribute positively to the world, and that’s never more important than in times of crisis. We’re uniquely positioned to help organizations rapidly adapt to change by moving their education and training needs online. 

Thinkific’s commitment to help

To be helpful, to act with integrity, and succeed together. These are our core values and as such we believe it is our social responsibility to do all we can to support and accelerate those working hard to address this shared crisis. Specifically:

  1. For all government and non-profit organizations working in public health on this issue, we offer free use of our platform and complimentary advanced support to help convert your training materials into engaging content. 
  2. For all schools in districts that have been forced to close due to the crisis, we offer complimentary advanced support and expedited services to get set up on Thinkific as quickly as possible.
  3. For all conferences that have been canceled due to travel restrictions, we offer complimentary advanced support and the creation of a custom work plan to quickly get your event online.
  4. For all users, we are monitoring site capacity closely and expanding servers and support staff as needed to handle the expected influx of traffic.

How Thinkific is already helping

Thinkific is passionate about helping people help others through education – since we were founded we’ve helped reach 10’s of millions of people. Historically, we’ve helped people move online to scale their educational reach and grow a global audience. Now, given current travel advisories, we are seeing businesses looking to our platform to rapidly move core operations such as onboarding, skills training, and event hosting online. 

Below you’ll find areas we think we’re uniquely positioning to help, but we’d also love to hear from you if you think there’s other ways we could be doing so.

Public health organizations

Tens of thousands of educators use Thinkific every day to teach their audience, including healthcare practitioners and professional organizations teaching continuous learning and skills training (for example AchieveCE and the Saskatchewan Health Authority).

We also believe that Thinkific could be extremely useful in a public health rapid response context. Our online courses can help share training material and information to distributed health and field staff in an expedient and engaging way (because if the information is not retained, what good is it?).

We’re making our platform available free of charge for public health officials looking to educate staff and/or the public about how to deal with Coronavirus. To get the message out faster, we’re providing complimentarily advanced support.

If you work in public health and want to discuss what we can do to help, please contact us here.

Educational institutions

We know schools in many areas of the world are shut down as a precautionary measure and we want to help however we can. We’re offering complimentary advanced support to all school districts that have been forced to close due to public health warnings. Our goal is to help get schools in need to get online quickly with limited student disruptions. 

If you’re an educator trying to quickly adapt to this crisis using online distribution, please contact us here.

Dealing quickly with business interruptions

The Coronavirus outbreak has many businesses scrambling to adapt to quickly evolving realities. Facebook, Shopify and dozens of others have both canceled much-anticipated conferences, Google and Twitter have both enacted work from home policies, Salesforce and thousands of other companies have restricted non-essential travel.

At Thinkific, we’re taking precautionary measures based on CDC recommendations,  by expanding our work from home policy and providing educational resources to our team.


We’ve seen many organizations restricting travel and/or canceling large scale events in response to the outbreak. While in-person events might not be advisable, we’ve helped many businesses hold high-engagement online summits using Thinkific.

You can host live and recorded content with your audience, create a beautiful, on-brand experience, and even encourage engagement with built-in Communities functionality right in Thinkific. We’ve taken learnings from building our own highly successful online events (like Amplify 2020) and can show you how to quickly take your event online and still provide a ton of value for your audience.

If you’re looking to move an event online, please contact us here and we can create a custom work plan for you to quickly get your event online.

In-person training

Many of our thousands of successful course creators have taken their in-person businesses and turned them into popular online offerings. This includes expertise from business coaches, copywriters, hobbyists, and many more.

In light of the Coronavirus outbreak, many businesses are looking to move their training online — whether that’s employee education, seminars, coaching, or something else. We have the expertise and robust technology to help you quickly adapt your business to the rapidly changing landscape.

If you’re looking to move your training online, reach out to us here and we can work with you on how to best get you up and running quickly.

Get started quickly – for free

No matter your organizational mission or reason for needing online courses, Thinkific offers a full-featured free plan to help you get started moving your content online. Designed for leaders in education, our whole platform is built with speed, ease of use, and student experience in mind. 

The free plan includes:

  • Up to three free or paid courses
  • Unlimited students
  • Content hosting including video, audio, and PDF
  • Localized language for your site
  • Email and phone support from an industry-leading Support Team

If you’re looking for support or have other ideas on ways we could help, contact us today.