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Thinkific Experts Marketplace Announcement

Let’s face it—selling an online course is not as simple as publishing a bunch of videos. There’s a lot more that goes into successful course creation that we might not realize when we’re just starting out.

As we get deeper into things, the cracks start to appear. Content needs to be created and edited, images need to be designed and resized, and the course needs to be marketed—all of which require different skill sets. On top of that, you have countless other crucial tasks that also take up your time.

After a point, you realize that maybe you can’t do it all on your own. Maybe you need some help.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our latest project: the Thinkific Experts Marketplace!

The Thinkific Experts Marketplace

The Experts Marketplace is your solution to “Who can help me do this?”

At Thinkific, we’re fortunate to have tens of thousands of people creating courses, many of whom are experts in areas like content, design, and marketing. They know exactly how to assist you, having been through the same process when building their courses on Thinkific.

We’ve already seen how helpful they can be in our Facebook Group. Experts like Jon Paul Ashworth, Sarah Cordiner and more are in there every week guiding their fellow course creators.

But there’s only so much they can do from a Facebook Group. So the next logical step for us was to create the marketplace where you can see all of the experts on Thinkific and contact them directly for help with your course.

To make it easier to identify the right experts for your needs, we’ve grouped them into 4 categories:

Set-Up Experts

Set-up experts and virtual assistants can take care of all the tasks you don’t like doing, or don’t have the time for. Hiring them can be one of the best investments you make, freeing up your time for more important activities.

Content Experts

Content is the backbone of online courses, and these experts can help you create everything from high-quality blog content to video content.

Marketing Experts

Once your course is ready, you need to get it in the hands of your ideal students. Marketing experts can help you with all aspects of positioning and promoting your course.

Design Experts

While Thinkific is customizable and easy to design, there’s a chance you may want to go a bit beyond the norm with the look and feel of your site. If that’s the case, our design experts can work their HTML and CSS magic for you.

Our First Batch of Experts

We’ll be starting with a small group of handpicked experts, and then be expanding the marketplace constantly over time. These chosen professionals were not only the fastest to respond when we sent out our initial call for experts, they’re also among the most talented. Head over to their pages to read more about them. Here they are, in alphabetical order:

Ali Schwanke – Ali is an experienced marketing strategist and content creator. She is known for her comprehensive research and agile approach. Her company, Simple Strat, provides done-for-you marketing services to course creators.

Andrew Seipp – Andrew is the founder of SellClarity and Audience Pipe. He is an expert at automating processes and attracting clients through cold outreach.

Amel Mehenaoui – Amel runs a web marketing boutique agency and helps entrepreneurs and small business owners get more traffic using SEO and more revenue (conversions) using Web Analytics. She builds marketing strategies based on an in-depth keyword and competitive research.

Ben Matthews – Ben offers a wide range of digital, email , content and social media consultancy services, from strategy and community management through to campaign measurement and social media training. Though based in London, he runs social media campaigns for organizations across the world.

Courtney Johnston – Courtney loves teaching and helping entrepreneurs find the “write” way to talk about what they do so that their target clients + customers think, “Holy guacamole, I have to have this now!” Specifically, she offers services called Sales Page CPR and Launch Copy CPR.

David Crowther – David is an expert in marketing automation, sales funnels, landing pages and email marketing. He’s worked with numerous companies across the world to create autoresponders, conversion-focused designs, and content.

Jaime Jay – Jaime has worked for fortune 500 companies, owned his own ad agency, published a real estate magazine, and is currently a partner with an online marketing company specializing in WordPress development, graphic design, SEO, video marketing, social media, and brand identity.

Jon Paul Ashworth – Jon is the founder and owner of R3 Consulting. Through his experience in building his own businesses in the marketing and fitness industries, he has become an expert in the art of entrepreneurship and social branding and marketing.

Kimberly Nichols – Kimberly is the Marketing Director and Senior Trainer at SkillPro Training. She has extensive experience in online marketing and has been a keynote speaker and trainer for 15 years.

Kim Garnett – Kim, the original Brainy Girl, is passionate about assisting entrepreneurs in the online and digital space. With 15+ years as an online business manager, business solutions coach, and virtual assistant, she can help you navigate the technology and marketing of your online courses.

Kristy Fawdry – Kristy loves keeping things organized and running efficiently! She specializes in general admin assistance including data entry, typing, document preparation, appointment setting, virtual reception etc. The best way to describe what she does is generally the tasks that most people find boring and mundane – whereas she thrives on it!

Leo Marose – Leo is a digital marketer from Berlin who has a business background but also loves technology. He is a Facebook Marketing Specialist who has helped to drive cheap and relevant traffic to B2B and B2C Websites and Services.

Lisa Work – Lisa works with businesses to create bold brands and courageous marketing strategies that will have your business stand out and get noticed in a noisy marketplace. She is also in love with the Thinkific platform and can assist you to design, build, and create effective, robust courses to your customers, which will ultimately elevate your brand and grow your business.

Mark Hooper – Room 435 was started from Mark’s passion that training should provide you with a resource that you can start using right away. In addition to training, Room 435 provides a studio full of media professionals producing content available to assist you in the development of your projects.

Miguel Hernandez – Miguel is a veteran top Udemy instructor with 19,000 students and the CEO of Grumo Media where he has produced marketing videos for some of the top Silicon Valley startups including clients like Microsoft, Walmart, Fidelity Investments, Reckitt Benckiser, Hipmunk and even Ashton Kutcher.

Nina Kolari – Nina works with online entrepreneurs helping them monetize their skills and knowledge by systemizing, automating and outsourcing their business. After building successful businesses utilizing online freelancer marketplaces and publishing two online training courses, she can help you overcome the overwhelm that new online entrepreneurs face.

Rachna Jain – Rachna has been working online since 1998 and has built three successful online businesses in that time – a psychology practice, then an academic coaching practice, and now, an agency that offers strategic consultation and marketing implementation services.

Sarah Cordiner – Sarah is a post graduate qualified in adult education, and has been running an international education company for 10 years. She helps course creators with everything from course concept planning, curriculum design, training delivery and running a profitable education based business.

Steve Fitz – Steve owns several businesses in different market segments including a traditional brick and mortar business and a digital marketing agency. With his experience, he helps other business owners connect their products and services with the right customers using advanced digital strategies.

Steve Forrester – Steve is a professional Facebook marketer with extensive experience in lead generation and direct sales for eCommerce, subscriptions, and coaches/consultants. He has helped many novice and successful entrepreneurs create launch funnels and direct sales campaigns using Facebook ads.

Steve Gillis – Steve obtained an M.Ed in Distance Education (a fancy way of saying ‘online course design’) from Athabasca University. He uses his knowledge of instructional design practices and his experience as a classroom teacher and online instructor to help those new to the online learning environment create and teach engaging online courses like a pro!

Trivinia Barber -Trivinia is the owner of Priority VA, a business with the goal of enabling women who dream to remain in the workforce after childbirth to achieve their professional goals. She contracts with virtual assistants to provide services to a variety of clients across the country.

Vlad Khumotov – Vlad has 17 years of experience and has founded 8 technology companies, started 2 consulting agencies, helped more than 20 startups go to market, and created products for some of the world’s biggest companies like BMW, Disney, and Visa, including 11 Fortune 500 brands.

Browse the Experts Marketplace now to find the perfect match for your next course

Want To Be Listed As An Expert?

If you’re using Thinkific and you want to help other Thinkific instructors with their courses, you can also apply to become an expert in our Marketplace! Click here to fill out the form and someone from out team will get in touch soon.

We’re looking forward to seeing all of the amazing connections that are sure to come!