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Watch CEO Greg Smith, VP of Product Aron Tremble and our team explain why the latest Thinkific updates are powerful tools for your business.

It’s been an exciting and busy year at Thinkific.

At the heart of all this momentum is a relentless pursuit to better support you with innovations that will help you succeed in building, growing and scaling your business. 

Our goal is to help you create learning experiences worth paying for, and we’re focused on tasks that allow you to:

  1. Bring your vision to life so that you can deliver the types of learning experiences and impact you have in mind for your audience 
  2. Sell that vision to more people so they sign up for your programs and can learn from experts like you 
  3. Make everything easier for you to do so you can focus on your business. Building a business is hard, but your software shouldn’t be!

To achieve this goal, we recently took our company public, raised a lot of money, and grew our team to over 400 Thinkers. All this money and every Thinker is invested and hard at work to support you in your business with best-in-class technology. Over the last year, we’ve introduced a number of important features and innovations that have delighted thousands of course creators, while also improving our infrastructure, technology and performance.
These are just some of the examples of new offerings we think you’ll love:

1. Social Sharing

We added social sharing so students enrolled in your courses can share their progress by publishing a personalized post to their favorite social channel, with a link back to your course landing page. This can help increase your course exposure and boost new enrollments!

2. Community Spaces

Content is the most valuable piece of any online community.  So we built Spaces in Thinkific Communities to better organize your content. Spaces are flexible building blocks that you can use to organize your Community, run cohort-based classes, focus discussions, and create unique experiences for your students. Better organization gives your members social cues as to how to participate in your Community so it can thrive. Learn how to organize your community with Spaces.

3. Site Pages

Web pages are the front door to your business. They play a crucial role in attracting and converting your customers. You should have more control over your websites and web page structure with easier to use tools. To address this, we created a new site page editor interface that makes it easier for you to add, remove and edit pages. We also made it easier for you to add and manage sections in-line with pages, so you can work in the same layout your customers see.

4. Plus Portal

For our Plus plan customers, we created the Plus Portal to make it easy for you to manage multiple learning environments by enabling you to quickly switch between the Admin Dashboards of each of your Thinkific sites. No more logging in and out, or managing multiple login credentials — all your sites are just a click away.

5. Performance Checkout

Checkout performance is one of the biggest levers an online business has. We continue to build on our initial rollout of performance checkout with a new one-page checkout that enables you to offer complementary products on the checkout page, which we call order bumps, so that these value-add products can be added to an order with just a single click. On top of that, we want to help you create a buying experience that converts as many of your hard-earned prospects as efficiently as possible, so we’ve made it even easier now by enabling your customers to complete payment without requiring them to first create an account. 

6. App Store

We’re adding new apps every month with a focus on helping you create learning experiences, acquire customers and run your business. The Thinkific App Store provides the best tools for the best results, rather than a one-size fits all approach. After all, we realize that nobody knows your customers’ unique needs better than you. Some of the most recent examples of apps we’ve added include:

  • Beastnotes, where your students can easily take notes distraction-free while watching video lectures and reading articles
  • Hoist makes it easy, fast and cost-effective to collect and showcase video testimonials from your students
  • Omnisearch makes it effortless for your students to find precise information inside your course materials

7. Community & Education

We want nothing more than for you to wildly succeed in launching and scaling your online business to a huge audience! And we have resources to help you get there. Here are a few great ones to get you started:

  • Marketing Strategies course with marketing Guru Neil Patel, where he breaks down his $6M sales funnel and how you can use webinars to increase your course sales. This power-packed course is absolutely FREE for all our customers.
  • The Course Builder Academy is an 8-week intensive live experience where we take course creators from 0 to launch ready. You’ll be working hands-on with our top instructors and a select group of course creators just like yourself. Get your business sales-ready for Black Friday and the holiday season rush.
  • For those looking for inspiration, ideas or advice, make sure to join the Thinkific Community on Facebook, where you can connect with over 30,000 other course creators. 

8. Performance Improvements

Behind the scenes, we’re making some exciting upgrades to scale and advance our infrastructure.  We’ve strengthened our API services and upgraded core technologies across our platform to better support your business.

That’s just a taste of what we are working on right now, and we’re just getting started. Look  out for regular video updates filling you in on all the latest and greatest things that we’re doing here for you at Thinkific. We can’t wait to show you what’s coming next.

If you’re new to thinkific, or trying our free plan check out our features page to see how Thinkific can help!