From $0 to $20,000/Month In Online Course Sales Using Webinars (Case Study)

One really effective way to accelerate course sales is using webinars. But rather than just telling you how this can work, we wanted to share the detailed case study of one of our customers – John Michaloudis from My Excel Online – who has used webinars almost exclusively to drive sales. Even better, we’re going to dive right into his story with all the details of exactly how he did it.

John’s story is a favourite of ours, because it’s a great example of how dedicated focus to one channel that’s working can really drive growth. More importantly, we chose his story for a case study because this is something that can be translated to countless different topics to drive online course growth!

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Download the full case study below to learn:

– John’s Course Creation Best Practices
– Why he Moved from Udemy to Thinkific (and the sales he saw as a result)
– 3 Things to Include in Your Webinar
– The Complete Webinar Funnel John Used to Grow His Audience




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John Michaloudis
John Michaloudis

Thanks for the informative blog post Miranda and I hope it opens people´s eyes on the $$$ opportunity that webinars can bring.

If anyone wants help on setting up a webinar with EasyWebinar ( ) , please reach out to me at

John Michaloudis
John Michaloudis

All, a very informative post on the best way to create an automated webinar:


This was great, thank’s John! I’m getting really close to releasing the first unit of my course and I picked up some really useful tips from this case study. I’d love to hear what kind of facebook ad techniques you used? It’s something I’ve been doing some research on but… Read more »