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Happy International Women’s Day! Historically, women have made an incredible impact as trailblazers in the educational industry and today, that still rings true. 

At Thinkific we have so many reasons to celebrate women. We recognize the barriers to access many women have to education and teaching across the world due to inequity. We have seen the innovation, talent and genius of women on Thinkific from the United states and Canada to Indonesia and Dubai. 

Today, we are excited to feature 28 extraordinary women on Thinkific. From mastering Microsoft Excel to public speaking, these stand-out courses are helping people internationally. 

Check out some of the women making their mark on Thinkific!

1. Mimi Goodwin

Mimi Goodwin Sew It! Academy

2. Kyshira Moffett

3. Tiffany “The Budgenista” Aliche

4. Morgan Owens

5. Latrina Walden

6. Marshawn Evans

Marshawn Evans headshot

7. Covania Washington

8. Kat Norton

Kat Norton Headshot

9. Dr. Shaniqua Jones

10. Madeline Mann

11. Jam Gamble

Jam Gamble Headshot

12. Judith Quin

13. Maggie Bera

14. XayLi BarclayXayLi Barclay Headshot

15. Ainy Fauziyah

16. Danielle Desir

Danielle Desir Head Shot

17. Harrah Amago

18. Shamieka Dean 

Shamieka Dean Headshot

19. Candace Junee

20. Jen Esquer

 Jen Esquer Headshot


21. Dana Malstaff

22. Cathy Heller 

23. Caitlin Bacher 

Caitlin Bacher Headshot

24. Dorie Clark

25. Sabrina Hare

Sabrina Hare Headshot

26. Jeannine Blackwell

27. Marta Emerson

28. Natasha Takahashi 

Natasha Artistic Headshot