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Marketing Online Courses Using YouTube

YouTube Views and Subscribers – Maximized for Online Course Sale Conversion

Note – this is part 4 of a series of resources about marketing courses on YouTube. To start at the beginning click here: Part 1 – Online course marketing with YouTube – Part 1

So far in this series we’ve covered the benefits of YouTube for marketing your online course, the overview of a teaser video structure, the basic process of how you actually drive sales from YouTube.

I’ve put together a short summary / checklist as a reference for you. Get the Checklist here.

For more help on this topic, check out our full YouTube guide to making quality engaging videos.

Now we’re learning how to actually achieve success on YouTube. For some that may mean the adoration of millions of fans. For us success means driving learners and sales to your online course. With the added benefit of building your brand as an expert.

In order to achieve this goal we want one key thing – VIEWS.

More people viewing your videos means more leads, more conversions. More Sales.

Audience Research Workbook

A few things we’ll be talking about:

Views – the total number of times people have watched each video – Driving this up is our primary objective, which in turn will help drive conversions.

Subscribers – this is your audience. They get notified when you release new videos and this translates into instant views.

How to Maximize your views:

As we’ve seen, YouTube is a search engine. A massive one. And part of being so big means that there is a vast amount of content or videos on YouTube. Hundreds of videos are uploaded every minute. You want your video to be found and you’re competing with other videos to see who tops the list when someone searches for topics related to your video. You want to be at the top of that list.

If your video is about child sleep training and someone searches for sleep training, you want to be the first video that shows up. You do that by optimizing your video so it’s more likely to appear in a search in YouTube or even Google.

The key things that determine how likely your video is to appear in a search are: Title, Description, Views, Ratings and Comments.

A few others that can affect your ranking are your subscribers, and transcripts or closed captions.

We’re going to take a look at each of these and how you can optimize them quickly in order to maximize your views and in turn conversions or sales.

Let’s break these key items out into two groups: Relevance and Popularity

Relevance – tracks how relevant a video is to the search terms someone enters – so if you search for cats you’ll find videos on cats. And the videos with the most reference to cats will be more likely to appear at the top of the list. Our relevant attributes include: Title and Description and other textual items including video tags.

Popularity – tracks how popular a video is and uses this to push more popular videos to the top of the search list. So that cat video that got shared 10 million times is more likely to top your list of cat videos. Our popularity attributes include: Views, Ratings, Comments


Next up… Part 5: Let’s start with the Relevance attributes