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Build a blueprint for your first online course in just 5 days!

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Get ready for the 5 day Blueprint Challenge! 

It's time to take the leap and build the foundation for your first (or next) online course. The 5 day Blueprint Challenge will provide you with the groundwork to successfully launch and sell your course in record time!

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Identify your winning course topic

With John Lee Dumas, Entrepreneurs on Fire

You’re an expert with a TON of value to share - probably way more than a single course’s worth of content (a good problem to have!). John Lee Dumas will show you how to step back from your vast expertise and identify that first winning course topic to excite your audience and give them the transformation they desire.

Validate your idea based on your audience’s needs

With Tasha Cochran, One Big happy Life

Before investing your valuable time and energy in creating your course, make sure your audience actually needs it! Tasha will teach you how to gather feedback from your audience and employ techniques to validate your idea before jumping in headfirst.

Turn your ideas into a curriculum

With Josh Stanton, Screw The Nine To Five

Take that winning topic and make it a reality! You’ll receive an actionable framework that will guide you through forming a course curriculum with clearly defined milestones to give your eager audience the transformation they desire.




Curate and create your content

With XayLi Barclay, Visual Content Creation Coach

Video, text, audio, quizzes, live lessons - what should I include in my online course? This session is a must-watch if you’ve ever wondered what your online course should actually look like. We’ll walk through different types of content that you can leverage in your lessons, and how to pick from them to optimally serve and engage your audience.


Build your high-converting sales page

With Joanna Wiebe, Copyhackers

If you create an amazing course but no one’s convinced to buy it, does it provide any value? Unfortunately, the answer is no! That's exactly why a strong sales page can be your best friend. In this session, you'll learn how to write a high-converting sales page that will truly do your course justice and convince your audience of its value!


Spend a few hours with us, and we promise that you'll be ready to create an online course that gives you time back


With a tried-and-true approach in your back pocket, you’ll feel prepared to create a scalable digital product that spares you from days of preparation, teaching, writing, and answering the same questions over and over.

So… are you ready to rise to the challenge?

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Next cohort: Monday December 14th, 08:59 AM PST

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Teach me the 5 step formula for creating a successful online course!

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With Thinkific and Jill Stanton, Screw the Nine to Five

You’ve completed the 5 day challenge, and have your blueprint built… Now what? It’s time to say goodbye to imposter syndrome and step into entrepreneurship with Jill Stanton and Team Thinkific. In this session, you’ll learn how to set yourself up for success with the right mindset, plus you'll unlock a can’t-miss bonus offer to turn everything you’ve learned into business results.