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Elizabeth Rider, food blogger turned online course creator

Elizabeth Rider, food blogger turned online course creator

From food blogger to online course creator

Elizabeth is a leading nutrition and whole living expert who teaches women how to lead healthier, happier lives. She uses Thinkific to educate thousands of students worldwide.

Since starting with online courses, she has successfully monetized her blog, expanded her coaching business, and increased her impact as a health coach. Her signature online programs include Clean Up Your Diet, Purpose to Profit, and The Wellness Business Bootcamp.

From her blog, which draws over 2 million readers per year, to her Food Matters TV show, and speaking at TEDx, online courses have helped Elizabeth scale her business into the massive success it's become.







"As a blogger, I realized I needed to start selling something in order to stay in business. I did 1-on-1 coaching for about 6 months, but realized it was very time intensive, and my income was limited. Online programs are much more scalable.”Elizabeth Rider

Looking to scale her blog and coaching business, Elizabeth began the offering online coaching programs through online courses.

Moving from 1-1 coaching to online courses


Elizabeth started her blog out of her passion for health and wellness. Her blog began as way to share her insights, nutrition tips, and healthy recipes for anyone interested.

As her readership grew, she realized she needed to offer something more to monetize her blog. She began offering one on one coaching services. But after coaching for 6 months, Elizabeth realized the self-imposed barriers of a coaching-only business model: once her client calendar was full, she had hit her income ceiling. She also found herself answering the same questions in each of her training sessions, making individual training sessions tedious as a coach.

Realizing that an online training program offered more earning potential, scale, and the ability to serve clients around the world, Elizabeth decided to create her first online course. She repurposed the material from her in-person coaching sessions to create her first online program, and put it up on Thinkific.

“With 1-1 coaching, I felt like a record on repeat, answering the same questions. So I took everything that people were asking me, and turned it into an online program.”

Elizabeth Rider

Choosing Thinkific to run her health and wellness empire


Before Elizabeth started using Thinkific, she had tried using various WordPress plugins to add her course content to her website. After receiving a payment for a course, she would personally email links to each video lesson.

Looking for a more efficient solution, Elizabeth was drawn to Thinkific’s user-friendly design and course site features. Not only could Elizabeth automate tasks like payment and content delivery, but she could provide a better student experience overall.

Elizabeth created videos and PowerPoint slides for each of her lessons, making it easy for students to get the information they need in an engaging way.

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Elizabeth currently serves over 20 thousand students through her online courses

Reaching more students, revenue, and impact through online courses


Since switching to Thinkific, Elizabeth has scaled her business by adding more courses. She’s increased her income as a coach and expanded her impact in the industry by reaching more students at a time.

Having the ability to automate tasks like payment processing and content delivery freed up time for her to invest in higher-value activities like developing new content, marketing and growing her business.

Elizabeth loves Thinkific’s user-friendly design and functionality, both for her as a course creator and for her students. She currently serves over 20 thousand students through her online courses, achieving the scale, influence, and income of her dreams.

Elizabeth's favourite Thinkific features

Course bundles

Elizabeth uses bundles to sell courses in different collections. By offering specific course subscriptions along with other non-course items like consulting, Elizabeth offers custom bundles to maximize revenue.

Membership site

Elizabeth offers an online membership called The Mint Wellness Circle. Every month, members get access to a wealth of new content and access to The Mint community.

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