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Experts Course Setup Carina Martins Nakama

Carina Martins Nakama Benessere


Since launching my own online course business, the eLearing universe quickly became a newfound passion, and I got addicted to helping people and businesses take their expertise online too.

Whether you want a better, more engaging way to onboard and train your team, improve communication with partners and consumers about what you do, or develop a new service offering through online courses, we can help!

With combined expertise in Business Management, eLearning Development, Process Improvement, and Project Management, we are best placed to advise and support you throughout the entire process.


Be.Spoke eLearning

They say "play to your strengths", and "focus on what you do best". Well... that sounds awesome, but the truth is, not all of us can afford outsourcing all that work!

So, I say roll up your sleeves and get learning! As I braved the tech world on my own to find the best tools to launch and grow my business, people were constantly amazed to see all that I had accomplished without any other specialist support.

I then decided to show people it really isn't rocket science, sharing everything in step by step, affordable and easy to follow courses with you. I am confident that with the right guidance and support, you and your team can also learn how to master the world of online learning to benefit your organisation.

I also offer 1-1 coaching sessions, so you have someone to bounce ideas with, feedback and tweak things directly on your online school during our meetings!


Instead of doing all that crazy run on your own to try and figure out what to do next, you can just follow on my footsteps. I have helped dozens of people like you and me develop, launch and grow their online course business. There is nothing I know that I wouldn’t teach you, as I am determined to help you run your business independently and with confidence.

If, however, you prefer to handover the tech and get direct support with your overall course design, business strategy and beyond, that's fine too!

I can tailor a service package that is right for you, so you are as hands-on or off as you like, which may include:

  • Creating Logos, brand assets and guidelines

  • Developing social media, slides, forms and worksheets templates

  • Website design, full set up and development

  • Course design, migration, curriculum review, video editing, and general best practices advice

  • Ongoing website maintenance

  • Business Mentoring and Consulting

  • And more!