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Mark Hooper Room 435, LLC


Room 435 provides solutions for eLearning content creators including: design services, voice over, video production/editing, content migration, and more. Room 435 is the resource for professionals in the eLearning industry. Report to Room 435 and experience training redefined.


Basic Setup
Room 435 provides assistance to Thinkific users who need help setting up their site with logos, imagery, brand colors, etc. During the setup process, we are able to screen share and allow the client to learn how to use the features provided by Thinkific and best practices going forward.

Content Migration
Many of our clients simply need help putting their existing content onto the Thinkific platform. Room 435 is happy to assist in this process by providing consulting, training, and development time with our clients throughout the process.

Curriculum Design
Our clients are the subject matter experts in their fields and their desire to share this knowledge is very exciting but can also be very challenging. Room 435 is able to provide consulting on how to structure the content that you will be producing and can assist in providing layout and design options once the content is ready to be published.

Video Production
Room 435 provides video production services to our corporate clients and can offer similar services to you as well. Many of our Thinkific clients have existing videos that they would like to add intros and/or outros. Other clients have needs with editing, shooting, or consulting on best practices to produce their own videos. Room 435 is ready to meet you where you are and assist you in whatever way we can.

Web Design
In addition to assisting our clients in customizing their Thinkific site, we also offer various other services that can assist clients in the production of their web presence.