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Experts Course Setup Paul Thomson

Paul Thomson Paul Thomson


Hi there, I'm Paul. I want to help you market your amazing courses & programs out to as many members as possible.

(If that sounds like something you want help with, skip straight to the Services section below).

My days are filled with helping entrepreneurs build better courses & sell more of them. I've helped dozens of business owners at all levels to share their expertise in the online space, scale their business, and make great money while they’re at it.

I'm originally from Australia but currently travelling the world now full time. I've been lucky enough to be featured in Forbes, Thrive Global, Thinkific, & I host the Online Course Empires podcast.

In my spare time, I'm hanging out in my group, The Online Course Creators Hub, supporting the community and sharing daily videos, tips & strategies at the leading edge of course development & marketing.


So you want to sell out this course, right?

There's a ton of emotional investment, time & energy that goes into creating a course, so the last thing you want is your course to flop.

That's where I can help you.

I've been pulling strings in the backend as the marketing mastermind for clients selling courses in just about every industry you can imagine, at every price point.

From multiple 6-figure launches to amazing come-back stories pulling dead course launches back to life in just a matter of days.

I have an open-door policy for anyone who needs some sales strategy for their courses.

It's a free 15min call with me for you to use whenever you need: Course Brainstorm Session

Let me point you in the right direction & set you up for success.