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Experts Course Setup XayLi Barclay

XayLi Barclay TDG Visual Solutions LLC


XayLi Barclay is a Visual Content Creation Consultant for online course business owners with a focus in Video Creation, Course Content Creation, and Sales. She specializes in helping course creators to provide an enhanced visual experience to increase course completion rates and future course sales as well.


Course Consulting, Video Editing For Course Content, Course Migrations, Course Content Re-Design, Course Content Re-Structure, Curriculum and Course Content Design, Course Launch (Marketing and Sales Services), Thinkific Set Up, Online School Branding and Visuals

Why we are different: The way that we think about your course is very unique! Real education is an experience and should be treated as such. Gone are the days where people are paying for something that they are just able to do online. Let's face it, no one who is serious has the time to log into a platform and watch a boring slide show. The times are changing and so creating an enticing and engaging learning experience for your student is key!! I want you to think about creating your course like it's an in-person connection!

Your student's desire much more than just entrance to online programs. Success rates now depend on community, accountability, and communication. These are all things that you are able to provide from the other side of your computer screen!
My goal for creating with you is to provide an educational environment like no other! You have something special that you want to teach, and I am here to work with you one to one to develop that environment so that you're able to have raving students with success rates that are above the industry standard!

This then results in students who constantly share how much you've been able to help them and we all know that referrals have an even higher conversion rate than you selling.

I am here to build out an educational experience and a strategy for your course that works! While working together we will be moving through different milestones.

We are combining:
1. Beautiful & Strategic Design
2. Student Experience (Actionable, Accountable & Education Content)
3. Engaging Visuals (Visuals that make a student sit and actually do the work)
4. Systems that make things simple for you (No need to get caught up in all the confusing aspects of technology).