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Burhaan Pattel Bridgeight, LLC


Hi, I'm Burhaan Pattel. I want to help you make more impact and help more people through your online courses and programs.

If that's something you looking for help with, then take a look at the services section below.

In 2014 after reading Tim Ferris’s book “The Four Hour Work Week” he set a 100 day goal to be self sufficient and to leave his home country South Africa and start traveling the world.

I founded Bridgeight in 2015, to help clients achieve real benefits through being our client’s GO-TO providers to building easy to understand marketing workflows, campaigns and systems. All the 'stuff' behind the scenes which take time away from businesses owners primary activity… running the business.

Now 6 years later, Bridgeight has grown to become a leading provider in services across the digital space focusing on helping professional coaches and consultants get more clients, deliver teachings through online training programs and engaging with their fans through media online.

We've worked with over 120 online business owners with online marketing. They've made good money in the process.

In my spare time I host The Marketing Stack Podcast, make educational and inspiring videos on YouTube and travel to exotic locations around the world.


Perhaps you've spent more hours and money than you can count trying to launch your online course or program. Maybe you've tried all the latest social trends, run ad campaigns that flopped, and taken advice from guru's who claim to have the magic pill to solve your marketing struggles.

Now is the right time to ask an Expert for help.

Course Marketing Funnel Audit

You've got your landing pages for your course all setup. Great! But they're not selling. Or not selling at the rate you would like. We'll run through your funnel, watch your webinar (if you have one), evaluate your copy and design, test every link and make recommendations on what you should work on to improve your marketing. A 30 minute consult call is also included, for you to ask questions and discuss marketing opportunities which you are missing. Book an Audit here.

Course Marketing Funnel Setup

When launching a course, there are various assets that need to be in place:

- Lead magnets to attract and convert visitors to prospects.
- Landing pages to showcase and sell your courses.
- A live or evergreen webinar to teach and sell your value.
- Email campaigns to automatically follow up and communicate with your audience.

We'll help you craft a tailor made marketing funnel and copy to sell your courses and make more of an impact. See more here.

1:1 Consultation, Coaching and Training

Looking for advice on the best strategies to market your online course? Or want an Expert to suggest the best marketing funnel, workflow and software to help you streamline your business?

That's why I created 1:1 consulting sessions. Ask me anything related to your specific situation. Sessions are recorded on Zoom and sent to you after the call. Book a session here.

I Can Help Launch Your Courses With:

- Thinkific Website, PowerUps and Webflow - Design a professional website to build authority and showcase your courses.
- ClickFunnels, Leadpages, Unbounce - landing page builders to generate targeted sales pages.
- Shopify - Integrate Thinkific with Shopify to create a seamless buying experience for your customers.
- ActiveCampaign, Infusionsoft (aka Keap), ConvertKit or Mailchimp - Email marketing automation to build and communicate with your audience.
- Zoom, Easywebinar, WebinarJam, EverWebinar or GoToWebinar - Great tools to host a training or sales webinar to showcase your course.
- Facebook and Instagram Ads, Google Ads, Spotify Ads or TikTok Ads - Advertising platforms to reach more ideal clients

In essence a combination of the above tools are needed for your business. They would form the perfect marketing stack to easily enroll students into your courses virtually on autopilot.