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Experts Site Setup Danielle Glick

Danielle Glick DGdesign, LLC


If you’d like to see your Thinkific site turned into a custom branded template design with content you can edit, then you’ve come to the right Thinkific Expert!

Why Hire DGdesign?

1. Focus on Usability & Sales: we've analyzed thousands of Thinkific and other website usability recordings to discover what actually gets people to buy. We combine these findings with our years of experience in marketing, copywriting, information architecture, and a Bachelors degree in Digital Design to create Thinkific sites that sell.

2. Fast & Efficient: We believe in prompt and complete communications, so we can provide you with cost effective services and a quick turnaround.

3. Packages start at just $250.


You’re already an expert in what you do, so you don’t need to become an expert in Thinkific site design, too! We’ll quickly turn your Thinkific Site Builder theme into a custom branded template with content sections that should generate sales for your specific business. When we’re done, you’ll be able to swap our placeholder content with your own text, images, and videos. We can even show you how in a private training webinar.

We also offer consulting, Q&A, brainstorm sessions, and site reviews via Zoom.

Who We Help:

We’ve helped Thinkific businesses large and small, in many industries, with one course or dozens of courses and bundles. Whatever your time zone is, don’t hesitate to contact us because we work remotely all over the world at various times on most days of the week. We speak English, but we have edited sites in other languages. We’d just need your contact person to write us in English.

👉 Please visit our website for a full list of services, client reviews, before and afters, pricing, timing, and next steps.