Supercharge your courses — and your business

Add functionality to your learning business with approved apps from the Thinkific App Store – all installed in just a few clicks.


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Leverage best-in-class tools

Create and market your learning products more effectively by integrating the best email, analytics, and sales tools — easily and cost-effectively.

Go live with Zoom

Go live with Zoom

Connect with your students by hosting live workshops and lessons right inside the course player with Zoom.

Work email magic

Work email magic

Automate your email marketing efforts with apps that integrate with leading email software like MailchimpActiveCampaign and Convertkit.

Profit from analytics

Profit from analytics

Get the data you need to make confident decisions with apps that leverage Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.

Fuel your sales funnel

Drive more revenue—with less effort—with apps that power your sales funnel.

Fuel your sales funnel
Tap into the power of social proof

Leverage the sway of social influence by showing visitors rave reviews and purchases others are making in real-time.

Highlight your can’t-miss deals

Display banners and pop-ups to promote your latest flash sales, new products, and discounts.

Build your email list faster

Entice customers to join your email list with quizzes, spinning prize wheels, and fun calculators.

Fuel your sales funnel

Spice up the student experience

Take the yawn out of online learning and keep your students coming back for more - apps designed to keep them engaged.

Level up their learning

Motivate your students with gamification apps that support leaderboards, badges and exciting rewards.

Bring learning to life

Help students lean into their learning with apps that power chatbots, time-based simulations, and interactive images

Celebrate student success

Boost their sense of accomplishment with personalized pop-ups and animations that acknowledge their progress.

What other creators are saying about Thinkific App Store

“We needed an interactive format. A pre-recorded, downloadable course didn’t provide the personal connection and heartfelt engagement that we were looking for, so connecting Zoom with Thinkific was an essential ingredient for us.”

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Burkhard Langemann

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