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Audience Research Survey Template

In this free , you will learn:
  • Free Audience Research Survey Template to make your own survey
  • Questions to ask to uncover opportunities with your audience

These questions will help you understand your audience’s struggles and desires. Use this information to help
craft your marketing message and course content. Your aim is to ensure your target audience’s roadblocks
and pain points are alleviated by your solutions/product.

Pay close attention to any feeling words as these are hints to words you should be using in your marketing
and course to create relatability. You want your audience to feel like you truly understand their issue and have
the best solution possible with your product.

Review the questions and fill in the blanks to fit your course topic. Adjust the questions as needed.

Alternatively, you may find more questions in the Questions Bank section at the end of this document.

Use a survey app and copy the questions into your survey.
a. Typeform (*Recommended as it readily integrates with Thinkific)
b. Survey Monkey
c. Google forms