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Creating Your Premium Content Offer

In this free , you will learn:
  • Your premium course offer
  • Your premium offer’s price

When you have confirmed that there’s a market for your course and that people will pay for it, it’s time to take it to the next phase – turning it into a premium offer that allows you to charge your ideal price.

Guide to creating your premium content offer

When Neil Patel’s team created their Advanced Marketing Program, they wanted to launch a course that was far more valuable than any others in the marketplace. So, they spent six months seeing what was already out there by performing case study interviews, hosting live weekly calls, and networking with other amazing marketers.

For example, one outcome of their research was that they decided to stack on extra support and provide their customers with lifetime access to everything – decisions which contributed to why their offering sold so well.

Through this guide, you will determine what your premium offer will include.