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Customer Avatar workbook

In this free , you will learn:
  • Ideal customer characteristics
  • How to create your avatar snapshot
  • How you'll deliver value and goodwill

To grow your business, you’ll need to attract more and more people to your brand. One danger is losing touch with the fact that each customer is an individual, and wants to connect with another individual, not a “business” even
though your business will have its own unique personality.

In order to communicate powerfully and directly, you must first figure out what your best customers have
in common.

Then, you can distill these commonalities into one singular avatar and begin communicating with
them directly in your marketing. Having one person in mind that represents your audience is much easier
than trying to communicate with your entire audience in mind.

Use this workbook to start crafting your customer avatar, so you can use this as a “customer template” for all your copywriting and one-to-one dialogues. You will want to think about this avatar at every point of your marketing.