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Influencer Marketing Templates - Thinkific

In this free , you will learn:
  • Influencer outreach email template
  • Tracking sheet
  • Effective influencer marketing outlining

While the term influencer marketing may be relatively new to the marketing scene, the premise behind it is not novel at all.

Since the golden age of advertising, the idea of leveraging influence to impact purchasing power has been in full swing. For decades, businesses have sought out opportunities to work with influential public icons, from fashion to the silver screen.

Fast forward to today, and technology has fundamentally shifted the way businesses connect with customers. The advent of social media has changed the dynamics of who has influence, and how it is perceived. A survey by Nielson shows that trust in online advertising has plummeted in recent years, and recommendations from friends or peers are becoming increasingly valuable.

So how can you capitalize on these trends to grow your online course business?

By forming authentic relationships with the individuals who are shaping the conversations and perceptions about your business and industry. This is the crux of an effective influencer marketing strategy.