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Key Features

  • Add time constraints
  • Provide assessment results via email
  • In-depth data on student performance


With this Thinkific Brillium integration, you can create highly customizable exams and surveys with a wide range of question types from multiple choice, ranking and more.

Brillium for Thinkific is a special Brillium software and pricing package available only to Thinkific Users for a limited time. This package gives you everything you need to create powerful assessments and integrate your data with the Thinkific platform. Brillium for Thinkific includes:
  • All of the features of Brillium Professional along with data storage space for 5,000 results.
  • The Brillium Zapier Connector, which makes using third-party data integration reliable and easy.
  • The Brillium API to allow more advanced and customized integrations.
  • The Brillium Support Portal, their support and user community site.



Sign up with the exclusive Thinkific customer pricing for a Brillium Professional account for the limited-time price of $69/month or if you have any questions, please contact Brillium Sales at 407.982.2600 or email


  • Thinkific Pro + Growth
  • Brillium paid account



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