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Key Features

  • View & create students from within Intercom
  • View detailed student information including courses, bundles & custom fields
  • Enrol students in free trials & full courses without ever switching tabs


Intercom (by seamlessly connects your Thinkific and Intercom accounts and brings your students closer than ever to your Intercom Inbox. Gone are the days of switching tabs and constantly searching for students and their courses during conversations— brings your student data directly into the conversation, meaning happier students and more course sales!


To get started, you will need an Intercom and Thinkific account. From your Thinkific account, you will need to retrieve your Thinkific subdomain.

Important: You must retrieve your Thinkific subdomain before starting the installation process. If you use a custom domain, you must get your original Thinkific subdomain. If your Thinkific subdomain is then your subdomain is my-school.

Click here or head to to kick off the authorization flow. You will need to accept our access rights to Thinkific first.

Next, you will need to enter your Thinkific subdomain as you retrieved before starting the installation flow. Remember, only enter the subdomain and do not enter etc.

Finally, accept the installation in your Thinkific settings and you will be redirected to your Intercom Inbox.

Congratulations! You are ready to start using the Intercom (by App!


  • Thinkific Pro + Growth
  • Intercom account



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