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Identity and Access Management Solutions

miniOrange provides an integrated solution to allow your users to use their existing credentials or existing session to log into the Thinkific platform. Thinkific users will be relieved from maintaining separate user credentials for their students or adding an overhead cost of any kind of custom development to integrate with Thinkific.

With protocol brokering, users will be able to connect to any external Identity Provider or User Store with the Thinkific Platform. Multi-factor authentication validates user identity with passwords and adds an additional layer of authentication. This additional layer prevents an unauthorized person from accessing the resources even if they know your username and password.

We provide various security solutions SSO, MFA, Social Login, Network Security, API Security, etc. Our solutions are specific, accurate and most importantly making IT more secure.

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miniOrange is a trusted specialist of Cloud and On-Premise and Identity and Management Solutions.

miniOrange allows you to:

  • Single Sign-On with your existing IDP or User Store.
  • Multifactor Authentication to enhance security.
  • User Provisioning to manage the users Directory Services will allow Identity Management with external directories.