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Key Features

  • Create typeforms to capture your students' reviews and feedback on any of your Thinkific courses
  • Once a student submits the typeform, the review automatically appears in your Thinkific portal
  • Pre-fill your typeform with your students' names & emails to make it easy for them to submit reviews


Typeform makes people-friendly forms and surveys. With Typeform, turn a list of questions into a personalized conversation. Unlike regular forms, typeforms present respondents with one question at a time, resulting in more engagement, better data, and the opportunity to create beautiful, relevant, and meaningful interactions.

With the Typeform integration, Thinkific course instructors can easily create personalized and interactive typeforms to collect students’ reviews and feedback on any of their courses. Whether it’s for course feedback or a review upon course completion, it’s easy to share the typeform and even pass in students’ names and emails to make it even faster for them to submit a review. As students submit their reviews via typeform, the reviews automatically sync in the Reviews section of the instructor’s Thinkific portal.

The Typeform integration makes it easy to capture feedback so that instructors can learn how to improve their future course offerings!


  • Thinkific Basic or higher
  • Typeform account (with at least one active typeform), hidden fields feature available on paid plan



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