Develop a plan to create and launch your online course with inspiration from the people you’re going to teach.

Planning your online course is the most important and often overlooked phase of the course creation process. Setting a smart goal, defining and discovering your target audience, and determining your course’s scope will save you time, effort, and money down the road. Being audience driven means watching and listening to the real people you want to teach while simultaneously making your course content and promotion plan.

The Audience Driven Planning Guide for Online Courses will show you how to incorporate insights from your target market into online course strategy.

In this interactive guide, you will:

  • Set a SMART goal for your next online education initiative
  • Define and discover your target market
  • Validate your online course topic with audience research
  • Write your online course’s value proposition to guide messaging

Are you ready to get to know your customers better? This workbook gives you a clear picture of your audience’s needs and how to create and position your online course to meet them.