Your community of happy customers will likely become your greatest source of future revenue.

When students see success after taking your online course, you want them to talk about it! Facebook Groups are a great first step for a course creator trying to build a dedicated community of learners and followers. Facebook Groups are relatively straightforward to set up and maintain, and they are a great way for you, as the course creator, to get a direct line into what your students are thinking. They also allow you provide top customer support with instantaneous feedback.

Ready to take the social media step, but don’t know where to start? This extensive guide to building a Facebook Group helps you with both the high-level benefits, as well as the concrete steps to take when creating, engaging, and maintaining a Facebook Group for your online course business.

You will learn:

  • The benefits of creating a Facebook Group for your online course
  • 5 steps to create your first Facebook Group
  • Tips for growing your Facebook community
  • Specific ways to increase engagement (like introducing weekly themes!)
  • How to maintain and moderate your Group once you’re up and running

It’s crucial to have a plan for not only getting students into your online course, but for keeping them excited and ready to take the next one.  Facebook Groups are a great first step to building that community of happy learners.