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Use Thinkific to create your course, and then sell to Spotify’s UK audience of more than 25 million users.

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Amp up your success

Used by more than half a billion people worldwide, Spotify brings your learning content to the global stage.

Reach new audiences

With your courses available to Spotify's 25 million UK users, your content is as easy to discover as their next favorite song.

Build on a world-class platform

Thinkific’s power and flexibility make creating a high-quality course experience for your students a breeze.

Easily sync to Spotify

After creating a course on Thinkific, optimize for and upload to Spotify in just a few clicks.

How to start selling on Spotify

To participate in our new Spotify pilot program, you’ll need to have a paid Thinkific account and at least one published course. To apply to participate:

Get started with Thinkific

Sign up for Thinkific on a paid plan and build your first course to sell on Spotify.

Officially join the program and sign the agreement

Once accepted, we’ll provide you with clear next steps and an exclusive program agreement to sign.

Review your course for submission to Spotify

Make your course Spotify-ready with just a few simple tweaks. We'll guide you through this so you know exactly what to expect.

Submit to Spotify

Once your course is ready, you can submit directly to Spotify from your Thinkific account.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you will need an existing Thinkific account to participate in the program. If you do not have an existing account, you can create one here after you’ve applied to the waitlist. Note: customers must be on a paid account in order to participate in this pilot program.

We sure can! Fill out the form above to let us know your course topic and your website and we’ll be in contact with you with more information on how to move and set up your course on Thinkific.

Yes, a published course containing majority video content is needed to participate in this pilot program.

If you create an account and don’t get selected for the program, we’d love to still support you in building and offering your course on Thinkific. If you signed up for a paid plan, you can move to a free plan and still continue hosting your course.

This will depend on how much of your course content is already created and ready to publish.

Being a pilot program means that this program may have changes to its length, criteria and the number of participants. If you are accepted into the pilot program there may be some small changes, but we’ll keep you updated every step of the way.

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